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10 days ago
Duels / Practice Changelog

Hi everyone!

Firstly, thank you to everyone that participated in the final beta test. This allowed us to find some critical bugs and also to test some load issues.

Since the server is nearing release and I haven't done one of these yet, here is the changelog, both since the first beta test and the most recent one.

Changes since latest beta test:

  • Fixed a bug where cosmetics would not reapply after leaving as a spectator
  • Fixed a bug where the "Poor" cosmetics set would cause the server to crash
  • Fixed a bug where the view inventory menu didn't update live
  • Fixed a bug where cosmetics would randomly deactivate
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the match start countdown would not actually start the match
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes if one player logged out the match would never end
  • Fixed a bug where following a player wouldn't actually allow you to spectate any games as it thought you were busy
  • Added events (currently Sumo, Spleef and TNT Run with more to come)
  • Added some new, bigger maps

Changes since first beta test:

  • The stat system has been completely rewritten to allow for per kit stats and to also take load off of the server
  • ELO has been added for ranked, allowing for better matchmaking
  • The match system has been completely overhauled, in order to allow for more flexibility in the future
  • The scoreboard (sidebar) has been massively simplified
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes you couldn't see your opponent
  • Added match snapshots, so you can view your opponents inventory and stats after the match ends
  • Added /stats to view your and other people's stats
  • Added /follow to follow someone
  • Added /settings (also item in hotbar) in order to customise some settings
  • Added a rematch system
  • Added cosmetics
  • Added the ability to view player inventories as a spectator
  • Added 2 new kits - Hunger and Gapple
  • Added specific above head name colours in duels, it doesn't just use your rank colour
  • Changed the syntax of the /duel command to make it more intuitive
  • Removed the God Apple cooldown
  • Removed SumoNoDelay from ranked
  • Removed the KitPvP ranks and replaced it with a single 'Gladiator' rank

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3 months ago
Appeal Page

Thanks for reporting this issue, it has now been fixed.


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3 months ago
Vanish Leave Message Bug

Not a bug, I unvanished before I left.

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3 months ago
Missing Permissions on

Thank you for reporting this issue.

This feature is currently intentionally disabled as the challenges are not set up yet

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