Welcome to the new SpudPVP site!




For the last few months, our developer, Jake, has been working on this fresh new site.
And here comes a bunch of new features!

To begin with, we have player-stat leaderboards (which currently only support practice, however, more to come soon!). You can see the global Ranked and Unranked highest ELO, wins and losses (it's okay to lose).

A simple rules page categorised and with clear punishments.

A nice visual representation of staff members, colour coded with player skin images.

An easy to use tickets page, with clear instructions of what to do.

Player searching - Just type in a name of a player to bring up their profile.

Player profiles:

  • In-Game rank displayed
  • First time joined displayed
  • Last time joined displayed (with a toggleable feature to show/hide)
  • Profile posts
  • Awards
  • Statistics
  • Profile fields

And of course, news posts!

In conclusion, there are a bunch of brand new features, with an entirely new backend to the website.
Thank you for joining us!

Stay safe,
- SpudPVP Management Team.


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pog champ am i right?
early pog