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[Solved] My staff app  

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Title: <Player> Staff Application
Minecraft IGN: MoistElders 
Timezone: BST

Age: 15
What can you bring to our server?: I can bring fun happiness and joy. i will be helpful and lots more .
How long will you have to devote to the server?: mondays + wednesdays - i wont be on , the rest i can be on
SCENARIO 1: You find someone on the server who is hacking and the Anti-Cheat hasn't picked up on it yet. What do you do?: I would go in /v see what hacks they have , do /ping (their ign ) , if any other staff are on i might ask them to be sure , and it also depends what hack . i will tempban them after.
SCENARIO 2: You find someone on the server who has been harassing players and using very foul language. What do you do? i would give them a warning , then i would go on social spy to see if their messaging people privatel if they are doing it again , then if they do it again i would mute them .
Discord Name: Kremit The Nutshell #3915
Have you been staff on any previous servers? Tell us about it. If not then just leave out this question: yes i have my own server . its a pvp server i have good knowledge of hacks since there has been alot on my server , my anti cheat isnt that good so im pretty good at seeing without anticheat.
Have you ever been banned on any servers? Tell us about it. If not then just leave out this question: Yes i have on a crappy server , i was testing out hacks and ya i got banned .

Posted : 02/02/2019 3:02 pm
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Welcome to the staff team,


Posted : 02/02/2019 5:18 pm

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