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[Closed] Hondruna's Staff Application #1  

New Member

Welcome to my Staff Application! Enjoy 

Minecraft IGN:  Hondruna - https://namemc.com/search?q=Hondruna
Timezone: CNT (central)
Age: 15 years old
What can you bring to our server?: I can bring helpfulness and kindness into the server. I devote all my time and effort into any server i apply for. I love this server and want to help out anyone in need.  I show respect to those around me. Im willing to help with the sever by testing bugs and so much more.

How long will you have to devote to the server?: 
Monday - 3-5 Hours
Tuesday - 4-7 Hours
Wendsday -  5-8 Hours
Thursday - 6-8 Hours
Friday - 8-10 Hours
Weekends - 10-11
SCENARIO 1: You find someone on the server who is hacking and the Anti-Cheat hasn't picked up on it yet. What do you do?:  First i would teleport to him and inspect him on his movements. I would also record it to see if anything looks sketchy. If i think he's hacking i would review the evidence i recorded and if he is threw the video i would follow the punishment guidelines and ban/mute/warn him. Then i would send my proof to a owner or in a channel.



SCENARIO 2: You find someone on the server who has been harassing players and using very foul language. What do you do?  i would verbally warn him. If the player if he continues i would warn him using in-game commands. As if the player continues i would mute them for 10 minutes and so forth.

Discord Name:  Hondruna#0001

Have you been staff on any previous servers? Tell us about it. If not then just leave out this question: 
ZakeMC’s Server [Visage]

I Enjoy requieting people and having fun managing a discord server with zake until i resigned because i wanted to focus on universe.

Vape Network [My Discord/Server]

I'm a proud owner of this i work on server management and other main aspects for the discord as well. I've learned how hard and meaning full of a server and respect every staff for doing it. but i retired as a owner to help dedicate more time on universe

Pitforge Factions

I was mod on pitforge a wealthy server until everyone stopped playing it since ssundee moved on to a different server to record on. I enjoyed moderating chat and banning hackers while it lasted. but after the owner change, the server was not like how it used to be. I then decided to begin looking for new servers to play on.

Over the past servers i experienced rude people,hackers, everything a staff member should be able to handle, i've even seen a admin abuse and get got blacklisted thanks to me. So i'm able to be trustworthy at all cost. I've gotten to know some of the SpudPVP staff there all great people!
Have you ever been banned on any servers? Tell us about it. If not then just leave out this question: 

Yes recently today i was banned on SpudPVP for spam by Lewis. i admit i DIDNT spam but ok

Posted : Saturday, February 2nd 2019 6:12 PM

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