2 months ago

Hello all, please read below.

We have made the hard decision to temporarily close SpudPVP.

Being students, we can't just magic funds out of nowhere for the server, and the gamemodes that we have available are not working out as planned, so we have taken the decision to close the network for now.

We will still do UHC events every now and then, and when we release prisons, we will open back up in hopes to get a player base. 

Thank you to everyone who has been here and supported us since we released, the server has come a long way.

This is not the end, we will be back.

- SpudPVP Owners, Spud + Jake.

2 months ago

uhcevent.png (800×200)

Hi everyone!

We will be hosting a UHC event on Friday at 5PM GMT / 12PM ET

There will be multiple games played, and there will be prizes up for grabs!
Be sure to invite your friends as the more people that play, the bigger the prizes will be!

For more info, please join our discord.

See you all there!

2 months ago

Hi all,

Our staff applications are now open, you can apply here if you meet the requirements.

As well, we are encouraging content creators to apply for the media rank, you can apply here if you meet the requirements.

- SpudPVP Management Team

2 months ago


For the last few months, our developer, Jake, has been working on this fresh new site.
And here comes a bunch of new features!

To begin with, we have player-stat leaderboards (which currently only support practice, however, more to come soon!). You can see the global Ranked and Unranked highest ELO, wins and losses (it's okay to lose).

A simple rules page categorised and with clear punishments.

A nice visual representation of staff members, colour coded with player skin images.

An easy to use tickets page, with clear instructions of what to do.

Player searching - Just type in a name of a player to bring up their profile.

Player profiles:

  • In-Game rank displayed
  • First time joined displayed
  • Last time joined displayed (with a toggleable feature to show/hide)
  • Profile posts
  • Awards
  • Statistics
  • Profile fields

And of course, news posts!

In conclusion, there are a bunch of brand new features, with an entirely new backend to the website.
Thank you for joining us!

Stay safe,
- SpudPVP ...